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  • Kimal plc. Have worked closely with Broadway Healthcare Logistics for over thirty years. During that time Broadway have become an integral part of our Distribution and Logistics operations in London and the West Midlands, providing value added logistics services to our many customers across the U.K. and assisting us with our internal logistics on a daily basis. At Kimal plc. We aim to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service, which can only be achieved if our business partners and suppliers share in our commitment to service excellence. Broadway Healthcare Logistics helps us to deliver on the promises we make by providing us and more importantly, our customers, with a reliable, high quality service that exceeds our high expectations.
    Alan PressChief Executive, Kimal plc
  • MTN has worked with Broadway Healthcare Logistics since 2008 utilising their 3rd party warehousing, distribution and transportation services and we consider them to be a reliable and loyal partner. Broadway Healthcare Logistics knows the healthcare market well, particularly the renal care business which is our area of focus. The company does not distinguish between large and small customers, but treats each customer the same regardless of their size. Management and staff are highly competent and communicate very well with our customers on our behalf, which is invaluable to us as a business based in Germany. The staff at Broadway Healthcare Logistics are proactive in their approach to issues such as late supplies deliveries or missing order items and keep us well informed so as not to impact our ability to service our customer needs. Broadway Healthcare Logistics also assist MTN in finding solutions that reduce our costs and increase our efficiency. If MTN had to choose their UK logistics partner again, we would definitely choose Broadway Healthcare Logistics.
    Doris WenselowskiUK Customer Account Manager, MTN Neubrandenburg GmbH